Top 5 rated players
1Colin BAKER68.92
2Maryo DEROFE68.74
3George BILSKI67.51
4Michael PRESCOTT67.30
5Terry Brown67.06
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Computer Automated Ratings Database System

What is a CARDS rating?

CARDS is a rating system for bridge players. Your rating in CARDS gives you a good idea of your current standing at bridge. This is so because the system takes into account the strength of your partner and that of the opponents. Ratings range from about 30 to about 70 with 50 being average. See the graph to the left. The majority of players are in the range of 45 to 55. This website will give you information about your current rating and it will give you details about every session you play at a club that is running the CARDS system. For each session you will see the name of your partner, your percentage, your placing, your expected placing and the impact of that session on your rating.  You can also check where your rating places you in your own club. But first you must logon.

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Want to play at a participating club?
Adelaide b.c.
Brisbane water b.c.
Sydney Bridge Centre
Camden Haven (LUSC)
Canobolas b.c.
Central coast b.c.
Community b.c.
Central Coast Leagues
Eastern Contract b.c.
Easts b.c.
Glen b.c.
Grand Slam Canberra
Grand Slam Double bay
House of Cards (NZ)
Kalamunda b.c.
Mandurah b.c.
Manly Leagues b.c.
New England b.c.
Parramatta b.c.
Tamworth b.c.
Tenterfield b.c.
Trumps b.c.
NSBC Willoughby

A typical comment on the system:
 “At the end of each session to know not only my outright percentage result but how well I have performed against my rating has added a marvelous new dimension to the game. In the past, I didn’t really know how I was doing.
In the clubs using CARDS that I have played in, the system has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm. It has created added enjoyment and it has huge intellectual appeal. It should have been thought of years ago.

John Anderson (Retired Managing Director of Xerox South Africa and Xerox Australia - Rated 62)

Clubs join now

Read more about CARDS here.

Information for club organisers.

Read about the CARDS program for clubs here.

For the organizers of the events we can supply pre-event services like seeding and strength of field. In addition we supply movement recommendations for the sections to be played in the events. Scoring program authors read more here and see installation procedures here.
Read about pairs movements here.

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