Advantages of using a ratings scheme


The benefit of ratings


With ratings all players have the opportunity to be recognised every time they play; it is an achievement to perform above your rating no matter where you finish. At the end of each session the players can see whether they have increased or decreased their rating in that session. They can also see how strong the field was and where they were expected to finish. The diagram below shows the basic report from the system.

Organisers can use the rating based seeding to make more equitable movements in events. Clubs wanting to conduct handicapped events will not have disputes about the validity of the results.

AWRS keeps track of all aspects of each session, to provide each player with accurate information on how they are really going. This makes playing bridge in your club a more enjoyable experience for most of your members.


Key benefits to clubs

AWRS adds value to bridge clubs by …

1.      giving players an added reason to choose bridge ahead of the competition (television etc).

2.      encouraging each member to play more often.

3.      providing lists of top-rated and most improved players.

4.      producing a list of the players who have won a new Master Grade.

5.      automating important marketing tasks.


Marketing Tasks

Players in a club need to be recognized for their performance and guided in the steps to take. Successful clubs typically have one or two people who fill this role. That is, unless they have AWRS. AWRS does a better job of keeping track of all the players than any person ever can. The system provides reports and personalized letters, giving the players timely information and suggestions of things to do.


Using AWRS, a club can put on the best service for its members without placing a burden on the administrators of the club and at little cost.


Key benefits to club players

As a player in a club, AWRS provides you with…

1.      an accurate measure of your standing at bridge.

2.      realistic goals – to finish above your seeding (and increase your rating) is a success, no matter where you are placed in the field.

3.      Master Titles to recognize every three point gain in your rating: (44 = AM, 47 = BM, 50 = Club Master, 53 = Diamond Master, 56 = Heart Master, 59 = Spade Master, 62 = Grand Master. For each three point gain beyond 62, a star is added to the title.)


Ratings are distributed normally. 50 is average – the current top is 73 and the current bottom is 28.


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