CARDS and your scoring program


Any club can use the CARDS rating system and they can use their favourite scoring program as well.


The ASE Scorer 8 has the ratings software fully incorporated in the program and requires no other programs.


Other scoring programs will need to supply compatible files for use in a separate CARDS program. This CARDS program is supplied free to any participating club.


Currently the CARDS program fully supports the ASE Scorer 7 and ScoreBridge scoring programs. Other scoring programs may be made compatible by its developer with a few simple rules. Once a scorer program is made compatible it  too will become part of the CARDS program.


Scoring program developers can make their software compatible with the CARDS program by supplying files, produced as output from their scorer, in the required format.


The CARDS program basically has two files for transferring information from any scorer. One is the members details file (names, numbers etc.) and the other is bridge session results or scores file.


Quite often scoring programs already produce such files and those files are normally in the industry standard Comma Separated Volume (CSV) file format that the CARDS program requires.


See the details on these files at the developers page on this web.


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